yesterday I went to my first orangetheory workout of the new year and it’d been A WHILE since I last went. and while I love going there, this session was totally different. Usually, I love letting the music and focusing on what the instructor is saying to get me going, but it wasn’t the music that was pumping me up. it wasn’t the instructor pumping me up (though she is AMAZING!!! highly recommend Glynnis’ class.) the voice that was pumping me up was coming from me! and it surprised me!! it was my inner voice, my inner monologue, I realized I wasn’t even listening to the music or what the instructor was saying. I was like in my own reverie LOL! but it was SO GOOD – I was meditating on God’s word and speaking truth over myself, my family, my friends, my team, praying for this upcoming year and all that is to come!!!!!! and it was TOTALLY PUMPING ME UP!!! HAHA!
I came out of that session changed and renewed, but then I got in my car and went about my day – and fear creeped in, doubt creeped in, resentment creeped in, worry creeped in- and you know what? I did NOT let them stay guys. whatever battle you are facing, whatever happened to you last year, whatever valleys you walked through, you can get up and CHOOSE TODAY to CHOOSE joy, CHOOSE gratitude, CHOOSE your best YES! and i came away with this message: GOD’s GOT THIS!!!! YOU GOT THIS!!!! so what if I fall flat on my face, or wish I hadn’t said or done that. it’s okay. get up and go again. speak faith and positivity, over your life – it will SPEAK VOLUMES over the fear, doubt, and negativity that inevitably wants to break through. #Godsgotthis #yougotthis#speaklife #speakfaith#whatsyourinnervoicesayingtoyou#ivegottogotoorangetheorymoreoften#orangetheoryfitness