The other night, I asked Olivia if she thought she could do something, I don’t even remember what I asked her. All I remember hearing her say is “I can’t.” And it’s still ringing in my ears. Because it caught me off guard. At 4 years old, she was already thinking that. And it made me start thinking why when she was so young, she already thought she couldn’t. And I started researching something called “automatic negative thoughts” or ANTs. And obviously like anything else, there are a spectrum of ANTs. But the basis is that often these negative thoughts are not truth. And when these “lying thoughts” go unnoticed, unpursued or uninterrogated, they can shape the world in a dark way that is inconsistent with the truth. It made me think of my own ANTs. And as a parent, it made me realize how important it is to help your child recognize these thoughts and to talk about them. And how it’s up to me, as one of her parents to help her catch the ANTs and not feed these ANTs. And how that requires that I be present, listen to what my kids are saying, and not dismiss these ANTs. Because I want Olivia to know she CAN do anything! But I don’t always say it. In fact, I’m often hard on her and critical – like I am with myself. How important this reminder was for me to speak truth over her when sometimes I forget to do so. 💜 #Philippians413 #thursdaytruth #ministryofmotherhood #dontfeedtheANTs #livyjojo #hannaandersson