After I left my medical practice (not an easy decision for so many reasons), God really placed the ministry of motherhood on my heart – and is continually teaching me every day to love these children He has blessed me with!! Someone else can be a doctor to my patients right now, but no one else can be “mommy” to my 3 O’s. ❤️ And now I can still practice medicine in a different capacity AND still live out my purpose and calling in different ways! It has only been a few months but I’ve been amazed and challenged in so many ways, and just the other day, I got another sign that the decision I made was right – I was at Home Goods (sans kids – already a pretty good story right?) and I saw this quote in the picture below. And I know that isn’t a possibility or choice for all moms, but it was a great reminder for my heart for where I am 💞

So just wanted to share and wish a Happy Mother’s Day to all you beautiful mamas out there!!!! Whether you have one child, five children, are expecting a child, are mourning or have mourned the loss of a child or waiting for your desire to be a mother to become realized, you are LOVED and appreciated!!! It’s not always easy being a Mom but it’s such a blessing and each and every day with our children is a gift!! ❤️ And happy Mothers Day to my own mama and mother-in-law; thank you for all you’ve done and continue to do for us! We love you!

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