So I stepped foot into Orangetheory for the first time about a year and a half ago.  Bryan wanted to try it and I was ready to get my post-baby booty in check – Ollie was 13 months old… so we tried out a class. Bryan fell in love with it and has gone twice a week since.  I purchased the $300 something dollar package thinking that would be my motivation to go, but no…I had every excuse in the book – tired from work, still breastfeeding Ollie, hate rowing, hate running, hate lifting, need groceries.. I literally would sit in the parking lot outside Orangetheory in my workout clothes and try to will myself to walk in.  I know, terrible right?  Well, with the help of Bryan and this girl, Marcia, I stepped back into this gym a few weeks ago and I have returned more than once!!  And not only that, but at 5 am!!!! WHO AM I??  Seriously though, I like it so much better that I think I might be ready to buy another package of classes… maybe… #5amcrew #justdoit