A little late but here’s my #2018bestnine 🙌

This year, God, in His infinite wisdom and grace and perfect timing, allowed so many blessings and miracles (big and small) to happen. Even as I questioned, prayed and wondered, He reminded me there is “weight in the waiting” (as Pastor Rick Warren says) and that in these moments, countless memories and investments are being made in my children, marriage, family and in me for a purpose greater than ourselves, even if we can’t see it just yet. There have been so many incredible people, experiences and moments – I can’t capture them all in 9 photos, but this is my best effort – I am SO thankful for all the people in our lives, especially our family, friends, #glowgetters and church fam.

1) my retirement post a year ago,
2) top amazing leaders on my team in Scottsdale, AZ at our #LVretreat,
3) started working out this year and this #5amcrew keeps me going,
4) Ahma and Ahgon with the kids on our first family trip to Maui,
5) Bryan’s baptism (and my re-baptism with him) 😭🙏,
6) spending time with close friends (there are so many fun photos of this – just happened to pick this one 🤣),
7) Bryan’s surprise birthday party 🥳,
#8 spending more time with these 3 😍
9) Bryan’s first time speaking at an RF event with our whole family present!

Here’s to another year of growing in faith, family, fitness, and more! Happy 2019!!! ❤
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