Family vacay in Vail, CO

Since this is our first time flying as a family to Vail, CO and putting all the kids in ski school, I learned a lot about not only my ski apparel but kids’ apparel too, so I thought I’d break it down simply and share in case it might help any of you!! Because it...

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So I was so nervous about speaking on stage today.. this past Monday I asked the kids to pray for me - because mommy’s so nervous, she’s speaking to 50 leaders in SF this week, etc And we always pray youngest to oldest. So Livy forgets to pray for me but that’s okay....

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What’s your word? #word2019 #fearless

I chose this photo because I feel like that is what fearlessness looks like, but the truth is, even as this photo was captured - I was fearful. I'd never done (and probably will never do again lol) a photo shoot on the beach, in a swimsuit, a bikini no less, and I was...

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A little late but here’s my #2018bestnine 🙌 This year, God, in His infinite wisdom and grace and perfect timing, allowed so many blessings and miracles (big and small) to happen. Even as I questioned, prayed and wondered, He reminded me there is "weight in the...

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1 Scarf 2 Ways

☝️ scarf, ✌️ways ...this one is in lovely fall colors from #Loft a few years back. I love scarves, and this is one of my fave videos for wearing scarves. If you’ve not watched it, watch it 👍 #yourewelcome #oldiebutgoodie *25 ways to wear a scarf in 4.5...

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Oh Happy Day

✨OH HAPPY DAY✨ Today, Bryan King was baptized. My heart is bursting. This has been something I’ve been praying for and looking forward to for a very long time, only I didn’t know I’d literally be a part of it too. Though I made the choice to be baptized when I was 12...

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quiero taco bell

but seriously, working out with friends is where it’s at!!!!! More fun, more accountability and more whoops!! 💪🙌👌 #findyourtribe #lovethemhard #bettertogether #5am #OTF #stilldarkoutside #fitness #fitnessmotivation #healthylifestyle #30daysofgratitude #gratitude...

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Orangetheory (reprised)

So I stepped foot into Orangetheory for the first time about a year and a half ago.  Bryan wanted to try it and I was ready to get my post-baby booty in check - Ollie was 13 months old... so we tried out a class. Bryan fell in love with it and has gone twice a week...

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38 truths

Today I turned 38. And I believe one of my strongest gifts is to affirm people, so here are 38 truths I’ve learned & am still learning that I wanted to speak over YOU: 1. You are loved 2. You are worth it 3. You are valued 4. You are enough 5. You are beautiful 6....

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This is me. Praying. Breathing. Struggling. At the gym. I felt like I had to have a personal trainer to keep me accountable. Or else I wouldn’t go. #selfcare wasn’t something I was ever good at, to be honest. Angie (my personal trainer), thank you for always putting...

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Don’t feed the ANTs

The other night, I asked Olivia if she thought she could do something, I don’t even remember what I asked her. All I remember hearing her say is “I can’t.” And it’s still ringing in my ears. Because it caught me off guard. At 4 years old, she was already thinking...

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Iced white chocolate mocha

Covering in the hospital for one of my partners ❤️ and sometimes you just need an afternoon #pickmeup. I don’t drink a ton of coffee but when I do, I love me a Starbucks hot white chocolate mocha. And I just learned about this - iced coffee with 2-3 pumps of white...

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Be fearless in pursuit of what you love.

Your family. Your kids. Your marriage. Your career. Your faith. Your calling. Your purpose. Your dreams. #lovewhatmatters #befearless #faithnotfear #chaseyourdreams #noregrets #youcan #mondaymotivation ❤️🙌 📸: The Boudoir Divas 😘

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yesterday I went to my first orangetheory workout of the new year and it'd been A WHILE since I last went. and while I love going there, this session was totally different. Usually, I love letting the music and focusing on what the instructor is saying to get me...

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What’s your word? #word2017 #choices

my word for 2017 is this - CHOICES. and just being real here - I've made a LOT of good choices in my life and many, many more BAD choices. and GOD, in His infinite love and grace, has placed me where I am today. I don't take this year as a guarantee. I don't even take...

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Hi, I’m Mel. These are some of the many hats I’ve worn and still wear.  Mother.  Wife.  Sister.  Daughter.  Doctor.  Leader.  Follower.  Procrastinator. Cheerleader.  Entrepreneur.  Friend.  Counselor.  Overthinker.

I truly believe in living in the moment, and living your life to the fullest because life is too short to do anything else. Wanna join me?

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