Family vacay in Vail, CO

Since this is our first time flying as a family to Vail, CO and putting all the kids in ski school, I learned a lot about not only my ski apparel but kids’ apparel too, so I thought I’d break it down simply and share in case it might help any of you!! Because it...

38 truths

Today I turned 38. And I believe one of my strongest gifts is to affirm people, so here are 38 truths I’ve learned & am still learning that I wanted to speak over YOU: 1. You are loved 2. You are worth it 3. You are valued 4. You are enough 5. You are beautiful 6....

Don’t feed the ANTs

The other night, I asked Olivia if she thought she could do something, I don’t even remember what I asked her. All I remember hearing her say is “I can’t.” And it’s still ringing in my ears. Because it caught me off guard. At 4 years old, she was already thinking...

Be fearless in pursuit of what you love.

Your family. Your kids. Your marriage. Your career. Your faith. Your calling. Your purpose. Your dreams. #lovewhatmatters #befearless #faithnotfear #chaseyourdreams #noregrets #youcan #mondaymotivation ❤️🙌 📸: The Boudoir Divas 😘

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