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Sometimes I think about that moment about 4 years ago when I said yes and took that leap of faith to become the CEO of my own skincare business.
What was I thinking??? Why???

But God knew. And sometimes even when it seems impossible or unlikely, God will do it. He will open new doors, make new breaks, bring new blessings. But you have to say yes first. I have seen and experienced how this opportunity has changed and is changing people’s lives, impacting others in HUGE ways, allowing people to leave a legacy and have a platform they would not otherwise have. All because they said yes and took that leap of faith. If you are praying for a breakthrough, thinking there’s no way out, believing that you must do what you’re doing day in and day out to get to the next level, provide for your family or to make a living, can I tell you? For me, God has used this opportunity to change my family’s life, period. And I’m forever grateful I said yes. I get to help people dream again. I get to help people get the best skin of their lives. Im so thankful for so many blessings – and people I’ve met with like-minded passion and the desire to step into MORE. I’m thankful for my #unstoppable team, my inspiring power partners, my loyal customers, my friends and family who believed and encouraged and supported me. So it’s Monday. A new day. A new week. And I cannot wait to see what this new chapter unfolds. ❤️🙌 #thankyouGod #RFthankful #RFlife#Godthing #nocoincidences #noregrets#mondaymotivation #glowgetters#bettertogether

My retirement story in a nutshell…

So many hats we wear. Mom. Wife. Sister. Daughter. Doctor. Leader. Follower. Procrastinator. Cheerleader. Friend. Counselor. Overthinker. Hanging up one of my hats for a season…. yes, I left my medical practice officially as of today. Definitely not easy for me. Medicine is a calling, and I devoted a large portion of my life to training in this profession, helping and serving others, a lifelong learner in studies, people and the human physical condition, specifically as it pertains to my specialty in infectious diseases. I have gone through #allthefeels for lack of a better term, back and forth. It is something Bryan and I have prayed and talked over for hours, days, weeks, months. 

I’m not sure exactly what it will look like or how long, and that’s one of the hard parts #typeA#controlfreakrighthere. Maybe I’ll be back in 10 years or 10 months in a different capacity. But what I do know is that I’ve been blessed with 3 amazing, beautiful people who call me “mommy,” one incredible person who calls me “wife” and an unlikely opportunity to impact more people than I ever dreamed possible right now, so I will be faithful in where I’m being called in the moment. Today. Right now. Knowing who holds the future. What hats will you be donning and doffing in 2019?? #leapoffaith #happynewyear #newday#letgoandletGod #retired #doctor#solesociety #fedora

You can take the doctor out of the hospital, but you can’t take the doctor out of the girl.

Okay maybe that’s not how the saying goes. But sometimes that’s how I feel since Jan 1st of this year when I “retired” from my medical practice. Most doctors who “retire” don’t really fully do so. They still work in some capacity, and same goes for me. Being a doctor, like a lot of professions out there, is a calling. And while I do miss my patients and colleagues, I don’t miss the long hours of call and working weekends, though I know full well that’s what I signed up for. I never imagined that I would have hit pause on a career that I spent a quarter of my life preparing for, and yet sometimes when you pray, it’s very clear what the answer is – even when it’s not what you may think makes sense or is best or even what you desire to do. So far though, this leap of faith has helped me learn more about my family, myself and where my attention is needed most. After all, your attention is your time and your time is your life. 💜

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