Thankful, thankful, thankful

…is how I feel everyday because of this business and this incredible team I am apart of thanks to Melissa King! When I joined R+F it was purely for the skincare but I’ve gotten sooo much more than I could have ever believed thanks to this amazing community I didn’t realize I was joining.

Melissa’s mentoring, heart and passion is why her team is as successful as it is today and I am so grateful to be apart of it. Her story inspired me, her belief in others empowered me and her heart and the team culture she has created is why I completely fell in love with this business. Through this opportunity I truly have evolved into the person I have always wanted to be and the woman I want my children to look up to. I’m not sure I would have ever had the chance to become this person if it hadn’t been for all the amazing people I have met and things I have experienced thanks to this community Melissa has cultivated. It’s truly about helping others at the core of her team and is the heartbeat of how it’s operated. She is without a doubt a person that has completely changed my life just by simply knowing her and being a part of the incredible family of business partners that have joined her. At the end of the day I know she wants to see everyone succeed and live their best life and however she can play a part in that she will do without question. She is a light and I feel absolutely blessed to have her in my life and to share her guidance. Thankful for you Melissa.

Alexis McGuinness

Premier LV Circle Achiever

She gave me the right amount of space and
the right amount of coaching to lead me to success.

Melissa and I met during our residency (medical training program) and though I was acquainted with her then, I didn’t get to know her well until we became business partners with Rodan+Fields about ten years later.

Melissa was the first one who introduced me to Rodan+Fields and I trusted her and joined her team because she was straightforward, easy-going & non-judgmental. However a few days later, I began to doubt my decision and my ability to run an online skincare business. But Mel helped me see my strengths and encouraged me to keep going. She gave me the right amount of space and the right amount of coaching to lead me to success.

Melissa leads by example and by following her footsteps, I became a Level V executive consultant and a Lexus Achiever in Rodan+Fields within 18 months. I couldn’t have done it without her.

I am so thankful for the income, material achievements and titles from Rodan+Fields, but I feel most blessed to have gained a friend and confidant like Melissa on this exciting & fun entrepreneurial journey. I have no regrets and I know that I have the best business partner-coach with Mel. You are in good hands with her.

Sarah Lee Kim, MD

Premier LV Lexus Achiever

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